Revitalizing Bathrooms Through Expert Cabinet Refinishing

Revitalize your kitchen or bath with the help of our talented cabinet refinishing professionals. Refinishing your cabinets offers an affordable way to breathe new life into your favorite room while also boosting your home’s value. It’s a wise and stylish addition to any kitchen, offering a fresh new look that can draw in buyers and distinguish your space in the real estate market.

Tammy and Joe’s kitchen and bathrooms were looking dated but their current cabinets weren’t damaged in any way. They knew that replacing their cabinets would be expensive, but they were on a budget and did not want to invest in a complete remodel. Cabinet refinishing was the perfect solution for them. We used our high-quality water-borne acrylic cabinet coatings to give their cabinets a sleek, satin finish that brought them right up to date.

Cabinet refinishing is the process of changing the color of your existing cabinets. It is less expensive than cabinet refacing, and it allows you to fully customize your space without having to replace all of your doors. It is also a great option for homeowners who love their countertops and are worried about the look of their cabinets.

Our bathroom cabinet refinishing experts will come to your home, discuss the results you are seeking and provide samples of color for you to consider. We then work with you to create a quote for the entire project that will meet your needs and your budget. Contact your local Elite Cabinet Coatings today to schedule your free consultation.