Why Should You Hire a Child Support Attorney?

Parents who are going through a split or separation need to hire a good child support attorney. The lawyer will make sure that the amount paid for the child or children is fair and right. They will also help make sure that payments ordered by the court are made. The lawyer can also help write custody agreements and other documents connected to the case.

If the parent who doesn’t have custody of the child doesn’t pay child support, the lawyer can file a move for contempt of court. If this is done, the court may give fines or even time in jail if it thinks the order was broken on purpose.

Child support is based on a number of things, such as the gross pay of both parents, any bonuses they get, the value of their assets, and the cost of their health insurance. The lawyer can help the client figure out which factors are most important for them and how much child support they should pay.

Even though some people think the system is unfair, it is a necessary part of getting divorced or splitting up. The law is meant to protect the health and safety of children by giving them the money they need to live a safe and happy life.

A good Waco family lawyer helps people with court issues that have to do with taking care of and paying for a child. They can help their clients set up and change child support decisions, write up agreements for child custody and visitation, and solve other family law problems. They can also give advice on divorce and alimony, among other things.

When looking for a child custody lawyer, it’s important to think about how much experience and training they have. A reputable child custody lawyer will have a high success rate and know the rules in your area. They should also be able to discuss the process and answer any questions you have.

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